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Media Involvement
Television  1999 My Millennium ... “Emma” Blast films/Channel 4 The first thing I ever did for TV. A short documentary about Lin and I for Channel 4 that was also shown at the Transgender Film Festival of 1999. I loved every second of the filming and was told that I was a ‘natural’ in front of the cameras. 1999 30 Minutes “Past Lives  - Present Ills” Granada/Central A programme on past life regression looking at how events in past lives can effect our current lives. Presenter John Stapleton. 2000 Horizon “The boy they turned into a girl” BBC2 Documentary on the case of a Canadian boy who was surgically turned into a girl after a circumcision operation went tragically wrong. His life ended in 2004 when he committed suicide. 2000 Esther “Secrets & Lies” BBC2 A programme about a wide range of people who had secrets and lies in their lives. Presenter Esther Rantzen 2004 This Morning Granada/ITV Morning chat show. First appearance was about partners of trans people and second about sex change surgery. Presenters Paul Schofield and Fern Britten 2004 Without Prejudice? 12-Yard/Channel 4 A programme that tests how people’s prejudices affect their choice of who should receive a monetary award. Presenter Liza Tarbuck 2004 The Weakest Link BBC2 Quiz show.  Presenter Anne Robinson 2005 Sex Change Mandrill/Discovery Health 15 part documentary on aspects of gender dysphoria 2007 Brainbox Challenge BBC Quiz show Presenter Clive James Plus various appearances in news broadcasts. Radio 2002  Christopher South show BBC Radio Cambridge Local chat show. 2003  Christopher South show BBC Radio Cambridge Local chat show. 2003 Home Truths Radio 4 Presenter John Peel. Plus various appearances in news broadcasts. Newspapers, Magazines and Journals 2000 Woman’s Own The first magazine article about me. Imagine my surprise when I went into my local village store to buy a copy and saw my picture on the cover! 2001 Sunday Mirror A double page article about Lin and I. 2001 Cambridge Evening News A full page article about me. 2002 Closer 3 Page article on Lin and I 2002 CPJ (Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal) The first major article written by myself. A four page article entitled “When Sex and Gender Diverge”. 2003 London Evening Standard 1.5 page article “A very different marriage” by David Cohen. 2003 Candis Reprint of the Evening Standard article. 2007 You (Sunday Mail supplement) 3 Page article about our relationship through transition and after. 20?? Daily Mail Article printed without my approval. 20?? New England Journal of Medicine Co-author of research project paper on transgender people and autism.
I have been involved in a number of TV programmes, Magazine articles etc. Please use the Contacts page if you would be interested in my contribution. I have a particular interest in political and gender oriented discussion.