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Writing always starts with one thing ... Reading. So if you want to be a good writer you have to read, and that is where my interest started.   I’ve   always   had   a   vivid   imagination,   and   storytelling   has   been   a   way   for   me   to   allow   the   creatures   that   inhabit   the labyrinth of my mind to live fuller and more active lives, unencumbered by the restrictions of truth and reason.   Not   surprisingly   my   first   loves   were   science   fiction   and   fantasy.   Such   writers   as   H.G.Wells,   John   Wyndham, Robert   Sheckley,   Fred   Hoyle,   Frank   Herbert,   Poul   Anderson,   L   Sprague   de   Camp   and   Ray   Bradbury   filled   my bookshelves. But   it   was   ‘A   Canticle   for   Leibowitz’   by   Walter   Miller   that   became   my   first   ‘classic’;   a   book   I   could   read   again   and again.   Then   I   discovered   Clifford   D.   Simak’s   ‘City’,   still   my   favourite   book,   Michael   Moorcock’s   ‘Stormbringer’ and ‘Stealer of Souls’ and the works of Philip K. Dick that now fills an entire shelf in my bookcase.
My   reading   taste   has   widened   considerably   since   those   early   days,   but   the   great   science   fiction   of   the   1950’s   and 1960’s was what started a lifelong love affair with both reading and writing. In   recent   years   I’ve   become   more   interested   in   scriptwriting,   and   have   taken   a   few   appropriate   courses;   including   a brilliant   week   long   Arvon   course   ‘Writing   for   TV’   and   the   Euroscript   Summer   School.   Working   both   alone   and with    a    writing    partner,    I    have    created    a    number    of    pilot    scripts.    I    also    attended    the    2013    and    2014    London Scriptwriting Festivals, and am looking forward to the 2016 festival in September. Have a look at the links below to see what I am working on and what I have available.